Sewing is a great activity for children aged 8 and over and you can often find school holiday workshops or even classes that run weekly during the school term that cater for children.

When sewing children have to concentrate and focus on what they are doing.  They need to follow instructions to use the pattern, copy and cut the pieces and to sew it all together.  Their brains are challenged and their creativity and individuality can be enhanced during this process.  Their self-esteem can be greatly strengthened when they have finished their project and they have created something amazing.

There is a lot of learning going on but they probably don't even realise how much!

It is best to start with simple projects so that they learn the basics.  A good place to start is with a pillowcase as this is simple and easy to make.  Once this has been mastered they can move on to a library/tote bag which is another simple project.

Once they have learnt how to add a zipper to their project then they can move on to cushion covers and pencil cases and even a simple skirt.  Shorts are also easy to make as are pyjama pants.

Children will be able to create their own clothes and bedroom accessories as well as gifts for family and friends.  They will feel a great sense of achievemennt and will be learning a valuable life skill.

I highly recommend looking into sewing lessons for your child, and don't think that it is just something for the girls, boys can definitely give it a go as well.