It doesn't take long for your small stash of fabric to turn into Mt Everest, or for your few bits and pieces of lace and trim to really accumulate.  That's why sewing room storage is so important, plus the more organised that you are the less time you will spend looking for things so the more time that can be spent!

Here's a few tips to help you with your sewing room storage:

  • Organise your fabric by colour and size and store in clear plastic containers so you can easily find what you are looking for.
  • Glass jars with lids are a great way to store buttons, ribbons, lace etc..  Again store them organised by colour.
  • Keep your pattern pieces organised by storing them in individual clear resealable plastic bags.
  • Tool boxes or fishing tackle boxes make great storage.  These usually have multiple sections and compartments of differing sizes so that you can store you smaller items safely.
  • Pegboard attached to your sewing room wall is perfect for keeping you organsied,  Use it to hang your scissors, rotary cutter etc..  You can even use it to keep your thread and bobbins organised.
  • Shelves are a necessity for your sewing space.  You can use them to store smaller sized containers, spools of ribbon, jars etc..

So there you have a few tips to keep your sewing room organised.

Happy sewing!