JillyAtlanta Patterns

It all started with wanting to see what my mom was doing. I was 6. I'd sit in back of her sewing machine and take out pins as she sewed away. She said she really never ever taught me; I learned from osmosis. But she taught me. And what I learned stayed with me.

I kept sewing throughout childhood, college, and after. When I got married, I began working for Ann Taylor LOFT. That company took my skill to another level. It was really the jumpstart to sewing a different way. It was at this point I began altering patterns. I wasn't happy with just a sewing pattern as it was. I wanted to create the kind of clothing that I was selling at the LOFT. I wanted darts, pleats, gathers, tucks and lining. I found myself looking at patterns and making substantial changes to them without even thinking about it.

When our first girl was born, I had trouble finding patterns for little girls with dignity and innocence so I made my own. My husband saw me doing this and said, "Jill, you’re making your own patterns; you should share them! We should write these up and sell them.” That was the beginning of JillyAtlanta Patterns. In our flow: I imagine and draw, my husband does the graphic/technical design, I construct, and then we check it (and check it, and check it, and…well, you get the point). We want our patterns to be more than beautiful; we want them to be perfect.

The JillyAtlanta Pattern group is dedicated to discussing the JillyAtlanta Sewing Patterns, sharing photos of items made using the patterns and general sewing discussion.