Make Modern

Make Modern is an Australian-based modern quilt magazine written by quilters, for quilters.  Our issues are published digitally, enabling quilters everywhere.

Make Modern is a collaboration of three passionate quilters who have built a close friendship with each other through the Australian online quilting community.

Do you ever use a list of words to define yourself? If the word quilter comes up in your definitive list, you are most definitely a Make Moderner. If you're more interested in pictures of craft rooms than designer kitchens; if your Instagram feed consists of pictures of quilt blocks and fabric; if you spend more on Cotton + Steel and Kona than Calvin Klein; if you've ever woken up dreaming that you're free motion quilting; or if you've ever seen quilt patterns in brick work or drains - then you're one of us! Welcome!

Make Modern is not the brainchild of a group of men in suits who run a magazine publishing stable that includes everything from cooking to craft. We are a collaboration of quilters, who launched a digital magazine that celebrates our passion. Why digital? It's more sustainable, less expensive, and more accessible, so whether you're in a neighbouring suburb in Australia, or across the globe in America or Europe, you'll be able to read our magazine in the comfort of your own home. It's what modern quilters, avid users of the internet and social media, are comfortable with.

One of our ultimate goals is to be a driving force in the modern quilt movement. We want you to feel like we're already friends, the kind of friends who totally understand your fabric addiction, who will assist with your quilting problems and who will help you grow as a quilter. We hope you'll love us even though we're all a little bit crazy. 

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